Swim Team

The Fair Valley Fins Swim Team

Fair Valley members 18 years of age and under who are interested in competitive swimming should contact the coach regarding sign-up, practice schedule, and meet schedule. Below is a list of general information.

Fair Valley is a member of the Greater Dayton Swimming Association. Eight clubs participate in the GDSA – Marinole, Crestwood, Four Seasons, Oak Creek, Pinecrest, Sherwood Forest, Woodhaven, and Fair Valley.

This year, there are seven tri-meets held over a five-week period followed by semi-finals and finals.

Membership on the Swim Team is open to all Fair Valley members 18 years of age and under as of June 1 of the current year. Swimmers should know the basic strokes and be able to swim one length of the pool without stopping.

Swim team coaches are appointed by the operations chairman of the Fair Valley Board of Trustees and are responsible to the same as well as the pool manager.

The coach is responsible for the team members during swim team activities. Proper discipline will be enforced during practices and swim meets.

Team members are expected to attend all practices and time trials unless they have a valid excuse.

The coach will make all decisions as to who shall be entered in events in swim meets. If a swimmer has a question regarding the coach’s decision, it should be discussed with the coach.

Awards are presented during and at the end of the season. A picnic is held at the end of the season when awards are presented.

It is the swimmer’s responsibility to stay informed and to know where, when, and which event(s) they are swimming. Please consult the bulletin boards for this information.

Swim team members are expected to follow the rules for the pool and the park and take care of the equipment that is used.